The Net

The Net

Starring Sandra Bullock (and other unknown (to me) actors).

Sandra Bullock stars as a computer cunsultant caught up in a web
of people out to cause chaos in computer systems.
As a thriller, it work well. The directing is well focused and delivers
in suspense and drama. The acting is believable and avoids the
stereotypes that could have easily been used.

To understand the plot you will need a basic understanding of computer terms, especially in regard to communications and security. The complete computer dunderhead will not understand the plot.

In order to get a good conspiracy theory going, the reality of
computerization has been extended beyond what the techno-freak
will regard as reality. It’s sufficiently close to reality that
the redneck will probably rant about the encroachment to their
civil liberties to carry sub-atomic machine guns.

If your an Intel PC Nut you won’t like this film.
If your a MAC User you will love it. (Only MACs are shown)

Overall 6/10 (and don’t study the plot too hard)