Prime Love

Prime Time Love
(Abigail Love #1)
by David Blake (2017)

Can a girl fall for a guy if his name sounds like a mechanically operated sex toy?

Abigail Love and her new cameraman, Will, were in the same class at school. Ten years later they find themselves working for the same company, but at first, neither can remember who the other one is. As they start to date, what happens when they find out, especially when Will realises that it was Abigail who’d teased him into early therapy?

This takes place in the same universe as Detective Capstan & Sergeant Dewbush and occurs immediately after the Sergeant falls into a coma. He will awake hundreds of years later for the Space Police books.

The two protagonists, Abigail and Will each have secrets and are thrown together in a work place surrounded by a cast of crazy characters. As it does not have Science Fiction tropes and isn’t really a crime story I wasn’t sure if it would work. It does, largely due to the smooth prose and crazy plot.

This makes me think of a memory of reading Tom Sharpe almost 22 years ago. A very urban and funny read.