Collapsing Empire

The Collapsing Empire
(The Interdependency #1)
by John Scalzi (2017)

Humanity flows away from Earth, into space, and in time forgets earth and creates a new empire. The Inter-dependencies between worlds is joined by The Flow, a mechanism for faster than light travel. Something could go wrong…

Scalzi is best know for his military science fiction series  ‘Old Man’s War’.  This is not that, it’s ‘Space Opera’. The story of changes to humanity over a large area of space and time.

Thee are some annoying aspects to the story. First, spaceships have song titles for names, like Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby and ‘No, Sir, I Don’t Mean Maybe’. Just weird.

Second the character names are sometimes long and it’s not clear how they should be pronounced.

And third, there is a lot of swearing. So much that it undermines the characters and became annoying.

There are no battles or major conflicts. Everything is very political and underhand. Scalzi does a good job of building the world, although sometimes it is not clear where we are when scenes change.

So not what I was expecting, a bit slower than his previous works and as it if the first of a series, incomplete. So just average.