Supervillainous!: Confessions of a Costumed Evil-doer
by Mike Leon (2011)

Super-villain. The very word immediately conjures up images of cackling madmen waving death rays as they rant and rave about their maniacal plot for world domination.

But there is more to professional evil – so many questions left unanswered by movies and comic books.
What kind of salary do henchmen get?
Where do all these super gadgets come from?
How come good guys never use the door?

One man has the answers.

Mike Leon puts himself as a journalist in his own story. The journalist seeks to interview villains in a super-hero world. They give interviews, explain their past and participate in random acts of violence.

At first it is very episodic and no with plot to follow. This is rectified in the second half where a big fight emerges between the ‘evil’ and ‘good’ superheroes. Not really funny, more witty and satirical. A short but entertaining read.