Cut-Throat Cate

The Curious Case of Cut-Throat Cate
(Inspector Capstan #2)
by David Blake (2017)

The second case for Inspector Capstan where he has to contend with a certain Mrs Cate Jakebury, a young university lecturer who’s also a published author. But things don’t go well when she decides to murder her husband, become a pirate, steal a famous 18th Century ship and then attack France, just to research her next novel.

Reading the second book in the series, a pattern is emerging…

A young female protagonist does something strange or daft, and in a very violent way. The Detectives peruse her for the remainder of the story.

The second book is just as good as the first. This time there is a murder in the first chapter and the body count keeps rising until the end. Again, it’s a very British humour that only works due the the stupidity of most of the characters.

All in the worst possible taste (recommended).