(Hunger #1)
by Jeremiah Knight  aka Jeremy Robinson (2015)

Desperate to solve a global food shortage, ExoGen scientist Dr. Ella Masse oversees the creation and release of RC-714, a gene that unlocks millions of years of adaptation and evolution, allowing crops to use long dormant junk DNA to rapidly adapt to any environment. The world’s food supply grows aggressively, occupying every inch of earth, no matter how inhospitable. World hunger is averted. Humanity flourishes. RC-714 is digested, absorbed and passed on.

Peter Crane and his son Jakob survive the Change, living in their family farmhouse and eating non-ExoGen food from a biodome, one of many provided by Ella Masse, who discovered the ramifications of her breakthrough too late……

It’s a post-apocalyptic thriller, with bio-genetics gone wrong creating monsters. Of course it’s also just an excuse for to take a monster filled road trip across America. And it’s action all the way. Our hero is ex military (of course) and there may be a love interest.

Yet another recommended read from Robinson.