The Raven (Jane Harper #2)
by Jeremy Bishop (2013)

But winning their battle against the undead Vikings was just the beginning of the war against the parasitic Draugr now that the relentless creatures have escaped their island prison…and seek to turn the earth into a planet of the living dead.

With a sturdy vessel under her feet, a do-or-die crew at her side, and weapons of mass monster-destruction in both hands, Jane takes to the hellish high seas to face down zombie whales and an armada of seafaring ghouls.

In part two of this short series, Jane goes back to confront zombies, more zombies, whale zombies, orca zombies and (of course) human zombies. It’s a more straight forward story this time. But it’s the same objective…. destroy zombies (all of them).

Just as entertaining as the first.