The Sentinel
(Jane Harper #1)
by Jeremy Bishop (2013)
In the frigid waters off the Arctic Ocean, north of Greenland, the anti-whaling ship, The Sentinel, and her crew face off against a harpoon ship in search of Humpback whales. The two ships collide and a suspicious explosion sends both ships to the bottom. The crews take refuge on an island, recently freed from a glacial ice bridge. There they find Viking artifacts, the preserved remains of an ancient structure and a stone totem warning of horrible creatures buried in the island’s caves…..

Well, this is Jeremy Robinson writing under a pseudonym so we know what to expect. There will be monsters, thrills and spills on the cold ice. Yet another top ranked story from the master of this genre. There is little science fiction this time, it’s nature at it’s most vicious mixed with a bit of mythology, history and all the tropes of the thriller and horror genres.