Lost in Space 10

Lost in Space 10 – Danger, Will Robinson


John and Don survived the explosion and are clinging to ship wreckage in orbit, with only a few hours of oxygen left.

Plotonium to the rescue !

Victor Dhar hails them from the Resolute, telling them it will leave in just over an hour.

Again, drama dictates there should be a ticking clock. In fact the time left is arbitrary and dependent on the Resolute’s engines.

Maureen traps Dr Smith and the robot in order to search for John and Don.

At last, Dr Smith is trapped. They should just space the bitch (or remove the air).

Just as they’re about to retrieve them, Dr Smith and the robot escape.

OH NO – How….. predictable 

When the alien robot is about to kill Will, his robot remembers him and attacks the alien robot, saving Will. In the fight, both robots are flung out into space and the garage ramp is damaged.

It’s the Alien Queen vs Loader from Aliens for the new generation… not quite.

Will goes outside the hull to manually close the hatch. Afterwards, he loses his grip but is saved by his father, who was rescued by Dr. Smith.

Awwwww, ain’t family reunions cute (not)

Before they can dock with the Resolute, the alien engine aboard the Jupiter 2 sends it and the Robinsons to a different galaxy.

Danger, Will Robinson – Here comes season 2 !