Hal’s Back

Double Trouble
(Hal Spacejock #8)

by Simon Haynes (2018)


Hal Spacejock dons a flash suit, hypershades and a curly earpiece for a stint as a secret agent, while a pair of Clunk’s most rusted friends invite him to a ‘unique business opportunity’.

Inevitably, things turn sour, and it’s all hands to the pumps as the good ship Spacejock springs leaks from stem to stern.

The last in the series ‘Big Bang’ was from 2014. I thought the series was over, but not only has #8 turned up, but #9 is also due this year. In addition the author has a new series, ‘Harriet Walsh’.

Hal and Clunk are up to the usual mis-adventures. Hal stuffs things up and Clunk rescues him. This is light on the science fiction and an easy read. Recommended for anyone who likes comedic science fiction.