Bobiverse 3

All These Worlds
(Bobiverse #3)
by Dennis E. Taylor (2017)
Being a sentient spaceship really should be more fun. But after spreading out through space for almost a century, Bob and his clones just can’t stay out of trouble.

They’ve created enough colonies so humanity shouldn’t go extinct. But political squabbles have a bad habit of dying hard, and the Brazilian probes are still trying to take out the competition. And the Bobs have picked a fight with an older, more powerful species with a large appetite and a short temper.

Third and final in the trilogy. This is very similar to the second, with its multiple first person narratives.

It doesn’t have the impact as the first and the final battle doesn’t have the intensity it could due to the author sticking to sub-light speed travel.

Still a good read and a satisfying conclusion to the series.