Firefly Freedom

My Own Kind of Freedom: A Firefly Novel
by Steven Brust (2008)



It was originally proposed as an official Firefly novel to be licensed by Universal Pictures, but it was rejected. Instead it was published on the internet under a Creative Commons license as fan fiction.

This is an average story that would have made a decent 45 minute episode of the TV show. While competently written, there were times in the second half that the plot was not clear and the motivations get a but muddled due to the quick changes between locations.

But it has two big problems. Note that it has been at least a decade since I saw the show on TV.

Firstly, Mal’s motivation in saving the agent at the beginning doesn’t correspond to what I remember of him. He was a cynical rogue and not above the occasional killing.

The other more problematic character is Jayne. I remember him as a grunt and thug, but basically decent. So why does he steal and turn on the team in this story ?