Good Place 2.10

Episode 23 – Best Self

Michael tells the humans they will travel to the Good Place in a hot-air balloon that challenges them to prove they are the best versions of their respective selves.

They struggle to do so, and Michael admits he is stalling because he was actually unable to determine a means to enter the Good Place despite exploring over a billion options.

Out of options, the group holds a party. Tahani ends her relationship with Jason. Eleanor admits she has feelings for Chidi, who describes his struggle to process his feelings and wishes he and Eleanor had met under normal circumstances.

The humans name Michael an “honorary human”, praising him for making more of an effort to do the right thing than a typical person. Tahani suggests they “demand to speak to a manager”, but Michael says the Judge rarely hears cases and can only be reached through the Bad Place. Eleanor suggests they try, and everyone agrees. Michael incapacitates the Bad Janet sent to transport him, and Janet conducts everyone to the Bad Place on a train as the neighborhood disintegrates.

Eleanor: Cool! Cool! Cool, we got this. I don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely the best version of myself. I know a shirtton about ethics now, ’cause I studied, and I read books, that weren’t even written by the Real Housewives. Relax, everyone. We’re all gonna be fine.

Jason: And to Janet! The best robot.
Janet: Not a robot.
Jason: Girl.
Janet: Not a girl.
Jason: And straight-up hottie.
Janet: I am attractive, yes.