Good Place 2.7

Episode 20 – Janet and Michael

This is all about Michael fixing Janet. Turns out she has a manual. It even has a self-destruct section. In the end he can’t kill her and she consults Eleanor. Eleanor recognizes it as the ‘ex-boyfriend’ problem and tells her to get a new man, which she creates. Derek.

Michael: Hey, you know who could use some torturing right now? Chidi.
Vicky: [gasps; excited] Oh. I love torturing Chidi.
Michael: I know!
Vicky: No, actually, I had this great idea the other night, thought it was worth exploring. Picture this: [with an expansive gesture] Needles.

Janet’s Diagnosis:

Michael: Ninety-nine point seven… trillion degrees… Little bit on the high side, but no biggie.

Michael: And still no blood. Oh, thank goodness.


Michael: [reading] “In the event of continued malfunction, hold down Janet’s nose and insert paperclip into small hole behind left ear.”

Tahani & Jason:

Michael: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You two are sleeping together?
Jason: Only when we’re done having sex.