Good Place 2.6

Episode 19 – The Trolley Problem


Chidi teaches the trolley problem thought experiment, leading to Michael creating a ‘real’ version for Chidi to go through. It’s good gory fun, and he is not happy. Eleanor eventually calls Michael out as reverting to his torturing past.

Tahani and Jason take on Janet as ca couples Councillor, but it only causes Janet to glitch. Then earthquakes happen.

Chidi: Michael. You’ve been kind of quiet. What do you think about all this?
Michael: Well, obviously the dilemma is clear: How do you kill all six people? [reveals a drawing of the situation he describes, the sole figure on the alternate track having a speech bubble reading “You got us all! Great work!”] So, I would dangle a sharp blade out the window to slice the neck of the guy on the other track as we smush our five main guys.

Tahani: So in a way, you’re sort of like a therapist?
Janet: Absolutely not. A therapist is a trained medical professional with the ability to absorb and process complex ideas about human emotion. I am simply a vessel containing all of the knowledge in the universe.
Tahani: Close enough. Jason and I are sleeping together.

Eleanor: Look, see, buddy? None of this was real.
Michael: Well. They’re fake people, but their pain is real. Does that make sense? There have to be stakes, or it’s just another thought experiment.
Chidi: This is awful.

Jason: Tahani, what do you value about Jason?
Tahani: Well, he’s thoughtful. Picks flowers and brings them to me. Often they’re ones I’ve just planted, but…
Jason: That’s how I know they fresh!

Michael: I screwed up. I’m owning it. I mean, I’m a superior being; I ought to act like one. Right? So. I really thought about each one of you, and I got you something that will make you happy. I call them “opposite tortures”.
Eleanor: Do you mean “presents”?