Good Place 2.4

Episode 17 – Team Cockroach

Things slow down for an episode of scheming, negotiation and finally agreement. Michael can’t be trusted, so is his plan what he intends ?

And we finally get to see how Tahani dies.

Even though Michael sees humans as “cockroaches”, he agrees. The neighborhood is rebooted with Vicky taking on the role of the top point earner and honorary mayor. The humans and Michael meet in secret and are joined by Janet, whose programming compels her to make humans happy; thus, she will support the only real humans present.

Eleanor: You wanna team up? You’ve been torturing us and lying about it!
Michael: Oh, let’s not get all caught up on who lied to whom or which one of us created an entire fake reality in order to cause eternal misery for the others; that’s ancient history.
Chidi: It was happening until twenty seconds ago.

Jason: We team up with Michael.
Eleanor: Okay. Hot take, but I like your confidence. Tell me why.
Jason: He has a bow tie.

Michael: Everyone in the Bad Place Bureau of Human Affairs gets randomly assigned a human body so we can get the feel of how best to torture you. I gotta say, it took me a long time to get used to the hanging bits.
Eleanor: Gross.
Michael: Oh, get your mind out of the gutter, Eleanor, I was talking about my testicles.