Good Place 1.13

Episode  13 – Michael’s Gambit

Judge Shawn decides that they can choose any two of the four to go to the Bad Place.

Many arguments are made for who should go and who should stay, with Real Eleanor deciding to take one place. As arguments become more heated and frustrating, Eleanor has an epiphany: the four of them have been torturing each other not by accident but by design, meaning they’ve been in the Bad Place all along.

Jason: Let’s look at this ethnically.
Chidi: For what I hope is the last time, it is ethically.
Jason: You guys helped me and Eleanor, right? But we’re bad. So you helping us was bad. It’s basic consequentialism: The morality of an action is soley judged on its consequences.
Chidi: Great. The one time you actually remember something from class.

Jason: Oh yeah. Didn’t you raise like a thousand dollars for charity or whatever?
Tahani: Uh. Sixty billion, actually, so.