Good Place 1.11

Chapter 11 – What’s My Motivation

Tahani suggests that Eleanor be allowed to accrue points in the Good Place; starting at -4,000, she must exceed 1,200,000. She performs good deeds and recreates Tahani’s welcoming party, winning over her neighbors with humor, but her score only increases when she advises Chidi to respond favorably to Real Eleanor’s declaration of love.

Eleanor learns that, since her motivation is self-preservation, her actions won’t increase her score.

It turns out that Chidi is mute when it comes to declarations of love. Eleanor’s redemption turns out to be an example of self-motivated giving. At the end, it looks like She is leaving ‘The Good Place’.

Tahani: Eleanor! Everyone hates you!
Eleanor: [cheerfully] Well fork you too!

Janet: I’m sorry, I’ve never kissed anyone before. Is one tongue okay? I can add more tongues.

Jason: I know what we gotta do. We’re gonna rob this restaurant.
Pillboi: Great idea! But what if we get caught?
Jason: We’ll just get married so that no-one can testify against us.

Jason: Hey, we thought of everything. Except for an alibi and an escape route, but we’ll figure it out as we go. You don’t wanna overthink these things.

Officer Prawnmandler: So the “plan” was to pretend to install a safe with your friend hiding inside it, he pops out, steals the money from the restaurant, gets back in the safe, then you come back in and uninstall it.
Pillboi: I refuse to discuss my fifth amendment rights until I concur with your attorney.
Prawnmandler: Sure. Look, we found your buddy’s plans, we know he was the… “brains”. You were just an accomplice. If you get lucky, you might get probation.
Pillboi: Jason going to jail?
Prawnmandler: No, man. Jason’s dead. He suffocated in that safe. There were no air holes. Pus he did a bunch of whippits while he was in there, which couldn’t have helped.