Good Place 1.10

Episode 10 – Chidi’s Choice

Chidi about to get killed

While working together on Eleanor’s defense case, Real Eleanor makes Eleanor realize she loves Chidi. Tahani confronts Jason and learns Chidi inspired his kind gestures.

Chidi panics when Eleanor and Tahani both tell him they love him. Michael successfully encourages Chidi to make a decision.

An Oxford book store is celebrating the success of The Good Place by selling the moral philosophy and ethics books referenced by Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper) in the series – and its efforts are going viral.

Here are just some of the books on offer at ‘Chidi’s Choice’ in Broad Street Blackwell’s, Oxford:
– What We Owe to Each Other – TM Scanlon
– Groundwork of the Metaphysical of Morals – Emmanuel Kant
– The essential works of Foucault 1954-1984 – Michel Foucault
– Concluding Unscientific Postscript – Søren Kierkegaard
– Reasons and Persons – Derek Parfit
– Utilitarianism and Other Essays – John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham
– Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy – Bernard Williams

Blackwell’s Bookshop in Oxford, England

Michael: That’s the spirit! Don’t even think about the fact that our slightest misstep could cause Fake Eleanor to suffer for eternity.
Chidi: ‘s all I’m thinking about now!
Michael: Yep! Shouldn’t’ve said that. Regretted it immediately.

Michael: Listen, I don’t need the Chidi who once had a panic attack during rock-paper-scissors because there were, and I quote, “just too many variables”. I need the Chidi who stormed in here and told me to stop Eleanor’s train without thinking of consequences

Chidi: It would be easier to sort out the issue of dry-erase versus paper if I could write down the pros and cons of each, but, of course, I would have to use one of them to write down the pros and cons for them, which is problematic.

Michael: If you can’t make a choice, this whole neighborhood could fall apart!

Chidi: I need to step outside. For some air. And… I will not be back… for many days.

Janet: Does anybody here object to this marriage?
Eleanor: [simultaneously] Of course we do! How could we not object?
Tahani: [simultaneously] Yes, this is a terrible idea.
Janet: Overruled.