Good Place 1.7

Episode 7 – The Eternal Shriek

Eleanor tries to press the button

Michael announces that his “retirement” will consist of eternal torture. Rather than tell the truth, Eleanor decides to “kill” Janet because only she can initiate Michael’s retirement.

She and Chidi argue over activating Janet’s killswitch and Chidi ends up pushing the button while trying to stop Jason from doing so.

Chidi may be the more interesting character as it seems he is the one who changes through the series. Eleanor has been the same, maybe a little less selfish.

Michael: My soul will be disintegrated, and each molecule will be placed on the surface of a different burning sun. And then my… my essence will be scooped out of my body with a flaming ladle and poured over hot diamonds.
Tahani: Oh, well the diamonds sound lovely.
Michael: They’re not.

Chidi: You cannot kill Janet! Killing is one of the most famous… moral… no-nos!

Eleanor claims that in her plan the ends justify the means.
Chidi: Do you know who said that?
Eleanor: Was it someone nice and great, like Oprah?
Chidi: It was Machiavelli. A very non-Oprah-like figure.

After killing Janet
Eleanor: We have fun, don’t we Chidi?
Chidi: I have never been more stressed out in my entire life.