Good Place 1.5

Episode 5 – Category 55 Doomsday Crisis

Eleanor meets a new couple

Eleanor is pleased that she is learning to be considerate of others and learning about John Stuart Mill‘s Utilitarianism, but Chidi is dissatisfied with spending all of his time teaching Eleanor.

Michael protects the neighborhood from the sinkhole by quarantining all of the residents. He insists that Eleanor and Chidi host a couple who live near the sinkhole; the observant couple concludes that Chidi is hiding something.

A new couple is introduced that threaten to find the big secret. And the sinkhole magically disappears. Is Michael a fraud ?

Michael: Tahani, dear, could you show us to a private room where no-one could see or hear us even if I yelled very loudly out of fear?

Michael: Aah! It got bigger? Ah! Well! That, that’s so, so normal! Uh, this is the reaction I have when things are incredibly mundane and expected, I’m gonna leave now, at my regular pace, as I do in most scenarios. [Takes off running]

Chidi: I am not going to have sex with someone to get them to stop talking to me!
Eleanor: Really? You and I are very different.