ST:D 15

Star Trek Discovery 1.15 Will You Take My Hand

It should have been called ‘A War without Consequences’.

It all felt very flat, with people doing illogical things.

When the crew goes to Kronos, they act very un-disciplined:

Tilly promptly eats the local food and takes drugs. They split up and gamble. Georgiou has an orgy with aliens. Everything is acted like it’s a sunday afternoon picnic.

Then, just as Georgiou presents a solution to remove the Klingons permanently , some sort of warped morality enters and  Burnham hands a bomb to someone who has a history of deception.

How do they think this will unify the Klingon’s. All it will take is one person to call her bluff, and everything is back to war.

They we get it all wrapped up with a bow and as if there wasn’t enough voice-over, we get more moralizing by Burnham.

Just hopeless and badly written.

But, it was cool when Captain Pike turns up.

BTW – Tilly’s hair is amazing, it goes from curly to straight between scenes (!)