Veep 5.7

Veep 5.7 – Congressional Ball

Selina uses the White House Holiday Party to win over congressmen, as she finds out that Tom has his own agenda; Dan preps Jonah for an upcoming debate; The staff obsesses over an article naming the “50 Hottest D.C. Staffers”.

In this episode Selina is more over with her application of power than ever before.

Jeff: Check out the tits in the third row. I could dribble those things like basketballs.

Mike: Ma’am, I’m getting a lot of press interest about Catherine and, y’know, her condition…
Selina: What? She’s a lesbian, Mike, she’s not a werewolf. Though either one would explain why she never shaves her legs.

Selina: There you go. And now you’re trying to fuck me tonight!
Tom James: No, I am fucking you tonight!
Selina: No, I’m gonna fuck you!
[After an awkward pause, they passionately kiss]