Veep 5.2

Veep Season 5 Episode 2 – “Nev-AD-a”

Amy, Dan, Jonah and Richard try to win the presidency for Selina in Carson City, Nevada. Back in D.C., Selina brings in respected Washington fixture Bob Bradley, aka “The Eagle”, and, after nudging out Tom James on the newly created banking task force, meets billionaire banker Charlie Baird.

Meanwhile, Mike tries to get healthy before his baby arrives but it backfires; Kent investigates Sue’s age; and Amy and Dan share a charged moment, which is interrupted by her sister, Sophie.

Richard: These are from the president’s last set of precinct changes for the recount challenge?
Dan: Yes, and the changes before that and the changes before that. She’s changed her mind more times than a frickin’ child molester at Disneyland.

Mike: You are looking at a guy on the master cleanse. I feel amazing.
Ben: What in the lunatic fuck is the master cleanse? Sounds like Nazi domestic policy.