The Hoyts Experience


After going to the Hoyts counter to order a ticket, and finding the Cinema full, I decided to try something different and possibly change a habit.  I knew that Hoyts has a promo suggesting you could join them for benefits, so I joined.

First I installed the app on my phone. Seems to work OK.
It looks like you can scan a voucher to pay for the ticket.

The site is very graphics heavy but seems to work.
Finding a currently screening movie and a time was easy enough. I selected a seat and moved on. It’s not so easy to find screening times for movies yet to release. The web site is better.

I used the web site to complete the transaction. Now comes the interesting part – payment First, there is a $1.50 Booking Fee – Why, I don’t know. If you want people to use your service, why pay more ?

Then there is the payment method. It’s Visa, Masterpass or Gift Card. No PayPal ! Thinking the ‘Gift Card’ was the same as the voucher, I entered the details. That didn’t work. You have to go back and redeem a voucher (!)

So the ticket cost $12.50 – $11 (normal cost) and $1.50 booking fee.
At least I knew there was a seat and where it was.

They sent me an email with confirmation. This included a PDF that was obviously designed to be printed. I don’t have a printer, so opened the email on my smartphone and with some scrolling could display the booking info.

Then I read the attached –

– Please collect your tickets at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your movie.

– Bring a copy of this confirmation email or the confirmation number;
AND The credit card you made your purchase with;
OR Photo ID so you can claim concession, senior and student tickets or restricted films.

– Please note that your cinema allocation could change. Please check with a team member on entry.

1. So this isn’t a ticket after all. You still have to go to the counter
(isn’t this what this whole process was designed to avoid ?)

2. Why the Credit Card ? (I’m taking it just in case). I have made bookings through Ticketek and all you need is the ticket.
So the way this is written, take either a) Credit Card or b) Photo ID
But if you don’t need a concession, do you need the Photo ID ?
Bit confusing

3. What ! I just chose the seat I want. Why would it change ?

Going back to the Phone App, when I tried to login the thing crashed. I had to uninstall it then reinstall. Finally managed to login. Under ‘My Tickets’ – nothing. Going back to the online site, managed to find my transaction statement.

Looking at the reviews of the product on Google Play,
124 5 star reviews
100 1 Star reviews

The latest reviews indicate that a recent upgrade was not an improvement.

Break for Movie

At the Hoyts counter, all that was needed was to show the receipt to get the movie pass.

It will work. Just avoid the phone app and use the web site. You do pay a bit more, but it does mean that you can leave home later and be sure of a good seat (at a price).

But the web site and phone app need a good clean-out  of the extraneous junk and streamlining. It’s clear that everything is designed to get you to the counter where they can sell you food.

And BTW at the theatre I sat next to a large guy with the proportions of Kim dotcom. He had a large bucket of popcorn, but it didn’t interrupt the movie as he polished it off in the first 20 minutes.