Prosecution Witness

The Witness for the Prosecution
By Agatha Christie (1925)

Originally published as “Traitor Hands” in Flynn’s Weekly, edition of 31 January 1925. In 1933, the story was published for the first time as “Witness for the Prosecution” in the collection The Hound of Death that appeared only in the United Kingdom.

In 1948, it was finally published in the United States in the collection The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories.


1957 Film version


Adapted for TV and broadcast on BBC One over Christmas 2016. The two-part program was adapted by Sarah Phelps and directed by Julian Jarrold. Broadcast on NZ TV November 2017.

This is one of the best Agatha Christie productions. Not only does the story keep you guessing to the ens, but it adds drama by making WW1 a central theme.