House of Cards 65

House of Cards Season 5

Chapter 65 (Series 5 Episode 13)

Claire protests Frank’s resignation, but he concludes it’s the best outcome for everyone. Frank reveals that he has been planning this since the weekend retreat before the Ohio and Tennessee elections, where he concluded that the real power is not in who occupies the White House, but who “owns” it. He reveals he is behind the leaks to Hammerschmidt.

Claire then confesses to him that she has killed Tom Yates and that there is no way it will lead back to them. After Frank resigns, Claire is sworn in and assumes the presidency, whereupon she leads an operation to track down Yusef Al-Ahmadhi, the elusive ICO terrorist plaguing the U.S.

Doug gets interviewed by Hammerschmidt, who is continuing his investigation into Zoe’s death.

LeAnn is appointed as Claire’s Chief of Staff with the agreement that she turn over everything she knew about Aidan to Jane. However, shortly after she does so, Claire, Davis and Usher claim that the impending war means a more experienced Chief of Staff is needed, and LeAnn is presumably fired or forced to resign.

That night, on her way to meet with Doug, LeAnn’s car is run off the road and she is presumed dead. Seth is also replaced at Claire’s behest.

Frank asks for a public pardon from Claire for both him and Doug. She agrees to do so in her upcoming TV broadcast, but tells Frank that for their secret arrangement to work, he has to leave the White House and make it appear that they are estranged. Frank reluctantly does so.

That night, Claire gives her first televised address as the new President, informing the nation that they have killed Ahmadhi and that the U.S. is going to war with ICO. However, she gives no mention of a pardon to Frank or Doug, despite having agreed to do so.

Frank, who has been watching the broadcast from his hotel room, angrily calls her to presumably demand an explanation, but Claire rejects the call, and stares towards the camera audience and coldly declares: “My turn.”