House of Cards 63

House of Cards Season 5

Chapter 63 (Series 5 Episode 11)

On MSNBC, Seth and Hammerschmidt debate Walker’s credibility in the wake of his testimony. Frank, Claire, Doug, and Usher discuss impeachment and the idea of censure, which Frank and Doug oppose.

The next day, Hammerschmidt discovers leaked information that the White House staged the terrorist threat on Election Day. Seth panics in his office, while Frank discusses spying on all White House personnel to identify the leaker.

While alone one night in the White House residence, Claire truly breaks the fourth wall for the first time in the series, and speaks directly to the camera audience, telling them that she has always known they have been there, but she is suspicious of them and their intentions, and that she is “ambivalent about attention.”

The FBI tells LeAnn that Aidan’s death looked like a suicide, but the gun is missing. Meanwhile, Claire tells Tom she wants him to leave. Frank is confronted by Bob Birch and Terry Womack, who want Frank to consider resignation. Frank is speechless, partially because Womack himself is under investigation.

Doug spies on West Wing staffers and is intrigued when LeAnn receives something unknown from Aidan. After confessing to Laura Moretti that he is the reason her husband died, Doug goes to LeAnn’s apartment and the two have sex.

An article drops the next day reporting that a source within the White House confirmed that Frank used questionable intelligence to close polling stations during the election.

Frank confronts Cathy about this; she is cooperating with Romero. Frank later states that he believes Cathy is the leak, and that he has held on to her resignation. News breaks that Cathy will testify before the committee. An unknown source gives Hammerschimdt a “birthday card” containing a USB flash drive.