House of Cards 54

House of Cards Season 5

Chapter 54 (Series 5 Episode 2)
At an event in New York City, Claire is informed that one of Frank’s old friends has gone missing and is presumed dead. Meanwhile, Frank hosts a luncheon of the nation’s governors, seeking to gain the support of the governors from five critical swing states. Catherine Durant states her opposition to Frank’s “war” on terror, while Donald Blythe believes it has helped his poll numbers. Meanwhile, Aidan Macallan attempts to hack into a telecom switching center and delete everything that may implicate him and the Underwoods. As Aidan nervously awaits the file deletion, electronic devices around the Washington, D.C. area are affected in what Frank claims is an ICO cyber attack. He uses the incident to pressure Congress to accept his declaration of war. Meanwhile, Conway takes his kids trick-or-treating, but as the military mobilizes in response to the cyber attack, he has an outburst on live TV which Frank and Claire drink to.