ST:D 1.09

Into the Forest I Go

Kol’s flagship emerges off Pahvo’s atmosphere, standing head to head with the Discovery. Tyler and Burnham teleport onto the Klingon ship to better understand its cloaking technology, so the Federation can adjust it to their own ships.

They find Cornwell paralyzed, and Tyler suffers a panic attack when he encounters L’Rell. To distract the flagship, Stamets is asked by Lorca to make 133 mini-jumps in order to prompt the flagship into cloaking.

The continuous jumps traumatize Stamets, who gains a vision of seeing a “clearing in the forest”, while Burnham distracts Kol by challenging him to a fight.

After the 133 jumps are completed, the cloaking algorithm is calculated, and Burnham, Tyler and Cornwell are transported back to Discovery which opens fire on Kol’s flagship, killing Kol and his Klingon soldiers.

The half season ending was good. I expected Tyler or Burnham to be captured. But both survive and bring back Cornwell.

Then the trope of ‘just one more’ comes out and we know the Discovery is making a jump into the unknown.

I think it’s a question not of where they are, but when.