ST:D 1.05

Choose Your Pain

On a transfer vessel from the HQ to Discovery, Lorca is abducted by Klingons. Discovery under the command of Saru, now plan to trace all Klingon vessels across the universe to identify a warp signature that can lead them to the rescue of Lorca.

Burnham is worried about the ability of the tardigrade (Ripper) to manage the multiple jumps required.

Saru chides Burnham and asks her to follow orders and do the jump. On reaching the vessel trail, Ripper is exhausted and enters into a hibernation with less than 1% water content as a means of survival.

Rainn Wilson plays Harry Mudd, and does a great job. We now know that humans with a bit of genetic modification can replace the navigator creature (the possibilities are endless).

And it appears that Burnham may be on the road to redemption.