ST:D 1.02

Battle at the Binary Stars

Kuvma convinces the majority of the Klingon leaders that he can lead them to victory over the Federation, as reinforcements for the Shenzhou arrive.

Georgiou offers to resolve the situation peacefully, but the Klingons immediately open fire. Starfleet Admiral Anderson arrives and again offers peace to the Klingons, but his ship is rammed by another cloaked Klingon vessel.

Anderson has his ship self-destruct, destroying the Klingon ship as well. Starfleet retreats, leaving the Klingons to collect their dead. In the remains of the Shenzhou, Burnham escapes her cell after encouragement from her guardian Sarek via a telepathic connection. She convinces Georgiou to try to take T’Kuvma prisoner, and they create a distraction by sending an explosive into his ship with a Klingon corpse.

Boarding the vessel, Burnham overpowers Voq. Georgiou attempts to capture T’Kuvma, but is killed. T’Kuvma is fatally shot by Burnham, who is transported to safety.

Voq promises that T’Kuvma’s legacy will live on. Burnham is later sentenced to life in prison for her mutiny.

An exciting episode with a twist at the end. Pity about the end of Michelle Yeoh. The effects are spectacular and exciting.

As usual, the initial encounter is 2D in a 3D universe.

Once the Klingon ship is disabled, there was no reason for the captain to go over. She should have at least taken some experienced security officers. Even easier, just scan for life-signs and transport them aboard to a cell.

Still, a good start and setup for the series.