Blade Runner 2

Blade Runner 2049 is a 2017 American neo-noir science fiction film directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green. A sequel to Blade Runner (1982), the film stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford (who reprises his role as Rick Deckard), with Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, Carla Juri, Lennie James, Dave Bautista and Jared Leto in supporting roles.

Set thirty years after the original film, the story depicts a replicant blade runner named K, who discovers the remains of a once-pregnant replicant. To prevent a possible war between species, K is secretly tasked with finding the child and destroying all evidence related to it.

This is the shortest 5 hour movie I have seen. It may only be 2hrs 43 min, but it felt a lot longer. The pacing was terrible, slow and bordering on boring. It’s only near the ending that the pacing picks up. You can see where all the budget has gone, the sets and CGI is impressive.

As for the music, where the Vangelis music had a subtlety and beauty, the Hans Zimmer score has all the nuance of a hammer to the head. This seems to be his fault, from Interstellar to Dunkirk to BR 2047, at times it is just deafening and constantly tells you what to think.

The themes are the same as the original movie; are we defined by our memories and what makes us human. I’m sure that film reviewers will be enraptured by it and everyone else will go ‘it’s a bit too long’.