Veep 3.10

Veep 3.10 – New Hampshire

While Selina balances her unexpected Presidency with the New Hampshire primary, Dan pushes Jonah to take the blame for the torture rumor in exchange for a job at the White House. There is a slight issue with the oath of office, because of Mike’s clumsiness. Selina accidentally tells Kent the wrong person to fire and ‘squeaks’ to the nation. To help her campaign, Selina visits a factory.

God, there’s so many people in here. It’s like a Mormon orgy.

Jonah: There’s one of me fuckin’ a chicken while dressed as bin Laden.

I am the most powerful person in the world. Is that correct? [All agree] Any fuck-up from now on is not just a fuck-up, it’s my legacy. Got it?! No fuck-ups!

 No, stat. He’s useless. He’s a one-inch cock.

 I came in third, Amy. Okay? Even the Nazis came in second.