Veep 2.09

Veep 2.09 – Running

Rumors are swirling about a possible impeachment vote and someone that might be challenging POTUS following the midterm election; The Veep continues her plans, that might consider her the ‘challenger’, with a meeting of party donors;

After Selina has a freak accident and trips out on medication for her injuries, she makes a statement to the media that could be easily misconstrued. Dan attempts to play both sides of the Selina-Danny Chung rivalry.

Dan: This is awkward. Like catching your sister’s eye at an orgy.
Amy: Well, my sister would never be at an orgy. Too uptight. She would want health records from everyone— and just kill the momentum and.

 Jesus, look at that stupid gaping mouth. Let’s put stuff in it.

Yeah, of course you do, Jonah. You don’t get the complexity. You’re the world’s biggest single-cell organism.
All I’m saying is that there are going to be difficult choices to make, you know? Like Sophie’s Choice choices, except more important because it’s gonna be about me.