Veep 2.05

Veep 2.05 – Helsinki

Ben and Kent argue over new intelligence concerning the hostage crisis, while Mike employs the services of Jonah to help him on a special White House project. Selina and her staff head to Helsinki to finalize a trade agreement, but are worried whether Selina will be received warmly in Europe, because of the song performed in the previous episode and while trying to teach Dan how to charm the media, Selina has awkward encounters with the Finnish Prime Minister (Sally Phillips) and her sleazy husband Osmo (Dave Foley).

Sally Phillips (blonde above) looked familiar, she played Tilly in the comedy Miranda.

I mean, what the fuck is wrong with you, Kent?! Seriously, when you pull the pin out, you’re supposed to throw the grenade away. You don’t stick it up your own fricking ass!

More apologizing, really? I apologized less after banging my brother’s fiance.

Remember, I lie for a living.

Holy shit, grandpa, you probably still get your porn from magazines.

All this melodrama really explains your three divorces.
– Well, I’d like to divorce your head from your fucking neck.

Don’t give me that Quaker in a titty bar look.

Your idea of crisis management is screaming, “We’re fucked! Bury me!”

The Eye of Sauron is the near perfect analogue for the modern media.
If we can draw the Eye to Helsinki, then it won’t be looking at what’s going on here.

I’m the Vice President of the United States of America. He just squeezed my tit like a balloon.

Screw you and your Confucius grasshopper bullshit.

What the fuck were you thinking? Look, you marked it highly confidential, thereby guaranteeing that this thing is gonna go viral.