Sorcery & Science

Sorcery & Science
by Ella Summers (2017) 55K

Sorcery & Science is a new urban fantasy novel set in the rebooted Sorcery & Science universe.

Terra Cross is just your typical paranormal princess. Her father, the mages’ high king, betroths her to one of his allies.

But playing nice with otherworldly ambassadors isn’t the only thing on Terra’s plate.

A renegade mage scientist has taken up shop on Earth, whose inhabitants have no knowledge of magic or the worlds beyond.

The only reason I started reading this book was that it was part of the ‘Dominion Rising’ collection I got recently and that the author was on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast when I was between novels.

Aimed at the adolescent market, the writing is clear and straight-forward. No attempts at fancy prose here. It’s written in first person, and the style is just right for the character. A bit of attitude, wit and at times stubborn. It avoids the traps of long introspection.

The story is simple: Hero, villain (with minions) and plot twists to an unexpected ending. There is magic here that drives the plot along. And so much of it sometimes  appears to be  a case of making it up as we go along.   Without reading the original series, I don’t know how much is new to this story.

It’s a light, fast generally entertaining read without any grim-dark elements that appears to be the flavour today.