Veep 2.01

Veep 2.01 – Midterms

Selina’s party does poorly in the midterm election, though Selina has a successful campaign, which she attempts to leverage into greater influence for herself.

A presidential strategist named Kent Davison (Gary Cole), with whom Selina has a troubled history, returns from an absence. Selina is assigned responsibility for foreign relations.


Wow, that guy is ruthless.
A total inspiration.

Would you please hang up the phone because I’m the fucking Vice President of the United States – and I have something to say.

Uzbekistan is between Turkmenistan and I-could-give-a-fuck-istan.

Screw you and the face you rode in on, Dan.

Jesus, I can feel my virginity growing back in here.

You have three kids by two different guys, maybe your last word should’ve been “No.”

I need that stuff that junkies use. You know, when it takes a cop 15 bullets to put him down.