High Citadel

High Citadel
by Desmond Bagley (1965)

In the biting cold of the Andes, their hi-jacked plane crash-landed, Tim O’Hara’s passengers are fighting for their lives. While O’Hara leads one group along a deadly, snow-covered pass, the other is working to stall the armed soldiers who plan to kill them all. Ingenious ideas are put into action as they attempt to survive until help arrives.

Desmond Bagley has been a long time favorite and it’s good to get back to an author with a tight prose style that concentrates on the story unnecessary talk.

Written in third person it follows firstly the main character (O’Hara) then the group of survivors before splitting the group into two. This means that while the setup is fairly predictable, the story takes some unpredictable turns before an exciting conclusion.

Recommended reading for thriller readers.