Veep 1.01

Veep 1.01 – Fundraiser

Vice President Selina Meyer wants to make the implementation of a Clean Jobs Commission her main legacy, but problems occur when a Tweet from a staffer annoys the plastics industry, she makes an offensive joke at a fundraiser, and her Chief of Staff forgetfully signs her own name on a condolence card for the wife of a senator who just died. Dan becomes a member on Meyer’s team.

This has been popular in the USA since 2012, so predates the Trump administration that has it’s own version of outrageous humour.

At first this seemed a bit stilted and uneven, but by the halfway mark I was on-board with the satirical humour. There is a lot of swearing in this program, and a lot of bad behavior that would get you fired at a normal job.

But this is the top of the  government and I heard that foul language was more common than in the middle classes.

There is a great rant by Julia Louis-Dreyfus halfway through that sets the tone. Everyone has pet names, mostly beginning with F….

Looks like a show I will be watching to the end . There are six seasons in total.