Last Bounty

The Last Bounty
by Barry J. Hutchison

(part of the Pew! Pew! collection)

How far would you go to save your arch-nemesis?

Once the baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy, all Konto Oon wants these days is a quiet family life with the woman he loves, and the respect of Deenia, the seven-year-old step-daughter who hates his guts. But when Deenia and her friends are taken hostage on a school trip, Konto must employ all his old skills to mount a death-defying rescue mission.

With a terrorist-filled space station between him and the hostages, and an infuriatingly upbeat boy from Deenia’s class for company, Konto’s talents will be stretched to their limit as he goes after the most important bounty of his life – his daughter.

Can Konto defeat the terrorists, save the children, and earn the peaceful future he craves?


Of course he can. This is a standard hero defeats the bad guys story by the author of the ‘Space Team” series. It has little of the humour of  his other work, an enjoyable but short (novella length) read.