Caprica 18

Here Be Dragons (2010-11-23)

As the three search for Zoe and Tamara in V-World, Amanda distrusts Sam and ‘removes’ him from the game.

Based on his daughter’s feedback, the Guatrau also decides to remove the Adama brothers. Joseph survives a hit at home with the intervention of Ruth, and the family prepare to flee Caprica.

Meanwhile Clarice, Olaf, and Nestor break into the Graystone residence, planning to kill them and retrieve the holoband.

At the STO camp, the death of Lacy is also planned, however the trainees revolt and kill their STO trainers.
Lacy then activates the Cylons, who then begin to follow her.

The Willows are delayed when security doors seal the lab with Amanda and Daniel unaware of the intrusion and linked to the

However, they finally gain access and hold them at gunpoint.
Just as Clarice is about to order them killed, Daniel stalls for time, and the original Zoe U-87 Cylon, dormant since the crash,

A terrific episode with lots of action, shooting and deaths. But somehow the main characters live through it.

The Adama brothers should really know how to cover each other when opening a safe. You never know who might sneak up behind you.

I don’t thing much of the Graystone security system. It seems that anyone with minimal effort can get in. And why don’t they have
weapons on the most secure place ?

And these STO recruits aren’t very well trained. You should also check your weapon before attempting to use it. It was clearly empty, and an experienced soldier would know because it would have been lighter.

So exciting, but only because people do stupid things along the way.