Starcraft: Evolution
by Timothy Zahn (2016)

In StarCraft: Evolution, the war between the terrans, the protoss, and the zerg has been over for years, but the fight for peace is still being waged.

As the Terran Dominion struggles to recover from the ravages of war, Emperor Valerian Mengsk has no intention of ruling in the same bloody manner as his father, the late Arcturus. Instead of seeking vengeance, Valerian is determined to maintain the peace. So when he receives an urgent plea for aid from Zagara, Overqueen of the savage zerg Swarm, he agrees to hear her case despite his personal misgivings and the severe disapproval of Hierarch Artanis of the protoss.

A surprisingly average novel from Zahn. This is his first Starcraft novel (there aren’t that many) and there seems that the concentration on keeping to Starcraft canon comes at the expense of an interesting story. This feels like it could be several episodes in the game, rather than establishing new ground.