Caprica 17

The Heavens Will Rise (2010-11-16)

Amanda finally tells Daniel that she is a mole in Clarice’s house and later meets Duram – who wants Amanda to switch Clarice’s holoband.

On Gemenon, Lacy watches in horror as an STO soldier orders a Cylon to shoot a young recruit who failed to salute. She tells the robot to stop and surprisingly it obeys.

Fidelia Fazekas, the Gautrau’s daughter and Joseph’s former lover, becomes increasingly suspicious of the missing Cylon units.

As Lucy can control the robots, does this mean that there is still a part of Zoe in them ? This could be the start of sentience for them.

And Amanda has her cover blown. Just what will Clarice do to her.  Only two episodes to go and it looks like there is a lot that needs to happen.



Caprica 16

The Dirteaters (2010-11-09)

Joseph and Sam are both promoted by the Gautrau.

Zoe and Tamara, now called “The Avenging Angels”, have teamed up to rid New Cap City of corruption.

Daniel discovers that the CEO of every Ha’la’tha corporation later ends up dead, and makes a deal.

After the great previous episode, this feels like it’s doing nothing. This is due to the long flashback that explains the Adama boy’s character and relationship.

With Duram suspended from his investigation, things seems to be stalled with the murder investigation.