Caprica 13

Things We Lock Away (2010-10-19)

Daniel is reinstated as CEO but is advised by Joseph that Tomas should be killed. Daniel refuses and proposes negotiating with him.

Lacy is now being held captive and drugged in the Willow family’s attic. In flashback,

In New Cap City, Zoe demands to see the other Death Walker. Tamara then appears, seeking revenge, and watches as family members of the STO victims beat Zoe mercilessly.

In the cabin, Amanda has been unable to find any evidence against Clarice, and Duram instructs her to search the Willow home.

Yet more killings. It looks like Lacy is going on a journey.

Strange that st this stage it is revealed that Zoe is the source of the Cylon design.



Caprica 12

Retribution (2010-10-12)

Daniel prepares to reclaim his company, and does so by having Sam and Joseph ready evidence to blackmail the board members into voting for him back.

Amanda remembers how she survived her suicide attempt and, while in the hospital, her ongoing trust issues with her husband.

Lacy and two other STO agents botch an attack on a spaceport after Lacy is confronted by security, and they flee the scene in a car driven by Keon.

Clarice then kills the two agents who betrayed her by joining Barnabas’ side.

Things just keep getting darker and grimmer as the body count rises and everyone descends into some hellhole. At the bottom will probably be some Cylons.

And everything is done in the rain.