Caprica 11

Unvanquished (2010-10-05)

Three weeks have passed and followers of the “One True God” place detonators under their seats at a Pyramid match. Clarice observes the stadium explode, revealing it to be a simulation illustrating her proposal to the leaders of the monotheist church on Gemenon for “Apotheosis”.

Daniel seeks a business partnership with the Ha’la’tha crime syndicate in order to regain control of Graystone Industries, now run by Tomas, and now mass producing Cylons.

Using Zoe’s avatar program, Clarice wants to create a virtual heaven which allows believers to sacrifice themselves in the real world to live forever in a virtual one.

We get a good look at Gemenon and it looks like it’s stuck in medieval England.

Everyone wants to kill everyone else.

It’s not clear how Daniel came to sell his company to Tomas, but to get it back he has to kill someone. This is showing just how psychotic the Adamas are.

The STO leader isn’t ┬ámuch better, Clarice wants kill people just so they can come to her church.

It looks like all the sane people have left the show.


Caprica 10

End of Line (2010-03-26)

In a 20-hour flash forward, U-87 is driving a stolen van with police choppers in pursuit. Earlier, it is revealed that Daniel’s financial troubles are worsening, and he must sell the Buccaneers. Worse still, the army also knows the chip was stolen, and have given him only a week to finish the project. The powerplay between Clarice and Barnabas also heats up, as both jostle for local STO dominance.

Everything ramps up to the mid-series cliff-hanger.