Raven #1

Swordsmistress of Chaos
(Raven #1)
by Richard Kirk (1987)

She escaped the slavepens of Lyland–a beautiful girl with hair the color of summer sun, eyes as blue as the heavens, and a body that invited love.

Rescued by sorcerer priests, she was schooled in every art of weaponry and combat. Her sword stained by the blood of legions, no man could defeat her.

I purchased this in paperback form years ago. No doubt I was wondering what book with a Chris Achilleos cover would be like.

The fact that this was written in 1978 and not reprinted since should have been a clue. So it’s not that it’s bad, just very simple. A slave girl is rescued, trained and seeks revenge on her tormentors. Not much in the way of intrigue, mystery or ¬†interesting characters.

Just OK