Dark Lord’s Empire

Empire (The Dark Lord’s Handbook #3)
by Paul Dale (2017)

Conquer the world—check. Assume the title Dark Lord Emperor—check. Job done. Or not so done. Morden Deathwing thought he could kick back and enjoy holding sway over the world but no. There just wasn’t pleasing some people. Something was going to have to be done. Something drastic.

The Dark Lord’s Handbook: Empire is the concluding chapter of The Dark Lord’s Handbook trilogy.

The final book is the series has the tone of an epic fantasy novel, instead of the more satirical first two. There is still the commentary chapters that are amusing, but it’s the characters that provide the humour. His ex-wife Griselda is a lot of fun, orcs and elves behave as expected. If you have read the first two, you will need to complete the trilogy.