BSG 4.21 Daybreak

Daybreak Parts 1, 2 & 3 (ending 2009-03-21)

A series of pre-Cylon attack flashbacks delve into past situations of Caprica Six’s involvement in caring for Baltar’s elderly father, Roslin’s sudden loss of her family in an accident, and Lee Adama’s passionate feelings for Starbuck, who is dating his brother Zak. In the present, Anders reveals the location of Cavil’s base and Adama decides to take Galactica on one final mission to rescue Hera.

Admiral Adama leads Galactica’s final battle and rescues Hera from the Cylon Colony. Starbuck draws upon the meaning of Hera’s musical notes to lead the fleet to a habitable world. The fate of the fleet and its relationship to modern day Earth is revealed

Are we to understand that  all of BSG takes place in the distant past. The earth referred to is in fact a parallel earth, where humans evolved and the ending is 150,000 years in our past. Hence the Hera is the Eve of our ancestors.


Is does it take place in the future where everyone takes a giant leap back in time at the end to seed the humans and everything is just a great loop in time ?

Either way, the sermon at the end felt like it had been tacked on.