Project Legion

Project Legion (Nemesis Saga #5)
by Jeremy Robinson (2016)

With Project Legion, Jeremy Robinson brings together characters and plot elements from more than a dozen different novels and series. The result is a crossover novel, ten years in the making. Project Legion is an apocalyptic end to the first story arc of the bestselling Kaiju Thriller series: The Nemesis Saga.

Novels whose characters or plot elements are featured in Project Legion include: The Nemesis Saga, Island 731, The Didymus Contingency, Raising the Past, Nazi Hunter: Atlantis, The Last Hunter (The Antarktos Saga), Xom-B (aka: Uprising), the Jack Sigler Thrillers and MirrorWorld. Also mentioned are elements from the following novels: Refuge, Kronos and Beneath.

Bringing together all the plot-lines and characters from previous series seems like a good idea. The problem is that it just overwhelms the story with too many plots and characters. It became difficult to remember many of the people (it was 18 months since I read the last Kaiju novel). The story is filled with action, but little adventure and the usual arc of introduction and setup that would normally be expected.

You should read all the previous novels mentioned  above before starting this novel.